Is it hard to make Friends?

Is it hard to make friends?  The simple answer for me is Yes.   In my experience it is hard, because there are some people  who just feel bad for people like us, so  they might trick us by saying yes I’m your friend and they just feel sorry for you.  People like that will come and go.  My advice is to know who has your back, and who does not. Do not try to become someone you’re  just because you want friends those kinds of people do not want to see succeed in life.  I have been very lucky to have some amazing people in my Life and these  are the people that truly care about me, and they push me to not to give up on my Dreams.  They are my family too. I have friends who are my age and the majority are older than me. By knowing who you are it is easier make friends that will last a lifetime!  So that  is my advice on friends. Family can also come into this category. Family are supposed to be there for eachother too.

Thanks to all of my supporters

HI just wanted to take a moment to thank my friends and family for coming on here, and helping me make my Dream become a reality, but can you please go only on Facebook to let me know how much you like my website,  I don’t want this to be just about how happy you ałl are that I am doing this webpage! If you guys would like to be a part of this, I  would love for you too be. Please talk about how a person that have CP have an effect on you’re life and if you know any people with CP to come here to share their stories as well would be appreciated. Thank you

Can you find Love living with CP?

Can you find love? I get this question all the time, and the answer is yes, why not? This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about.  People ask me this all the time.  People think that just because I maybe be in a wheelchair, automatically think that because I’m In a wheelchair, that means that I am not cannot fall in love with someone, they cannot be more wrong.  In fact I do have someone very special in my Life and his name is Jeremy!  I thank God for him every day!  Sometimes, people  think  they have the right to ask me personal questions and I think you guys know what I mean.   I would never ask another person, because I respect their privacy and I hope that they would respect mine.  Unfortunately, I realize how that people are going ask.  Talking about bout issues that are important. Just like everyone, I have been broken hearted time and time again.  Just like everyone else I thought I would never find love.  I have been broken hearted more then I have been in love. Until recently when I found out what true love is.  We all go though this rather we have a condition or not.  It is what makes us stronger, when we find that one person we just know.  True love is worth wanting for, it’s not all about the physical part, when we fall in love we get confused by the physical part, so sometimes, we can make a few mistakes which makes us human. Sex is one thing that will never never talk about sorry.

Advice of how you can choose to deal with Life

The best thing is to surround yourself around with people that only wants the best out of you, and always push you to be the best YOU can be. Don’t let Cerebral Palsy no matter how severe you might have it, get in the way of following dreams that you may have, even if it may take a long time look at me I always wanted to create a website that everyone with Cerebral Palsy can go on just to talk and share our stories.