My Life would not be what it is today without Technology.

Technology has changed my life in a incredible way.  I have so many  limitations of what I can do. At an early age, I realized   that my use of technology would become my life.   When I get to use any kind of Technology, it allows me to forget all of the things that I cannot do.  I was introduced to computers at an early age. I learned how to work a computer, before I even learned how to drive my electric wheelchair. I remember thinking to myself, how will I be able to work with the new technology that we have today, because  I have limited use with my hands. I was just happy to use a computer. I kept hearing how much technology was improving, I heard about Cellphones, IPad, and IPhones. I was like, Gosh, another thing that I would not be able do. I remember feeling discouraged. One day my cousin broght me a IPad, and I was like how in the world am I going to work this thing? I got this crazy idea, to use my Nose. My Parents at an early age taught me to not allow my limitations get the best of me.  My life has not been the same since. Not only do I have a IPad, but I also, have an IPhone. That is why I think with the technology, nothing in life is impossible. I might look funny, but I can work with all of my devices on my own! Just imagine, one day I will enter into my own car and type in a destination on my iPad and my car will take me there.


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