My Life growing up with CP!

Growing up with Cerebral Palsy was hard on me. I often wondered why I was the only one in my family with CP?  When I was younger, I always felt different from my Family and Friends. When I was in School, I wanted to change my personality just so I could fit in, but we all go through this stage.  One day, I realized that it would have been a was of my time. I would never want someone in my family to have CP.  it can be super lonely at times, but I have no choice.  One Day  told myself that I wanted to help people living with Cp, and I started having a different outlook about my Life, but it took me a while to be okay with who I am. I am just thankful that I am able to do some of the things that the Doctors said that I would never be able to.  I really do not think I would be the same Person who I am today if I did not have Cerebral Palsy. My life is great now, because my Friends and Family supports and they are the ones who make my life better!


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