About Me

I wanted to share a little bit more about my life with you.  My name is Jennifer Wilson.  When I was born, I was not Breathing, so had to be put into a Incubator.  My parents did not get to have the normal experiences that most parents get to have.  They did not get to bring me home on the day I was born.  I had to stay in the hospital a lot  longer then most babies. I cannot even  imagine the stress  that my Parents went though, they never left my side. They were always, at the hospital. As I was growing up, iwas vey sick.  I was in and out of the hospital.  The doctors thought it would be nessary for me to have a Feeding Tube, because I  could not eat.  I was diagnosed with CP, when I was in four months old. Doctors told my Parents that I would never be able to  walk, talk, or sit up on my own.  My Parents did not listen to them, so they put me in Speech, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  I slowly leaned how to Talk, and use my hands, however the right side of my body I cannot control, like my right   hand.  My CP effects the muscles too.  I have Spasms and that means that I have involuntary movements, and they hurt me, but I have to deal with them. I feel so  lucky that I can do some of the things that the Doctors said I could not do.  I use a  Wheelchair every day to get around.  I feel like I am here help people  realize that no matter  what life may throws  at you , you just cannot give up.  Now, I can Talk and Eat! I can just do anything I put my mind to except it may take me longer than others, but to me that is okay.  That is my Story about me, and I hope it can inspire somebody. I have no feeding Tube and now and I talk people’s ears off.  Unfortunately CP is a life long condition.


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