Understanding Cerebral Palsy

The definition of Cerebral Palsy to me is having a lack of Oxygen, this is a condition, not a Disability. I just recently found out about this. that is very noticeable at birth. The part of the brain that gets damaged is called the Cerebellum. Cp is short for Cerebral Palsy this. A Doctor is the one who can diagnose this condition. CP can affect people in many different ways, some people can walk in a strange way, while others may not be able talk and or both. People can tell they have CP, because They are not able to reach the milestones that most babies do such as crawling, taking first steps and eating. This condition has many different stages. I am not here to speak about all the stages of Cerebral Palsy, because I am not that familiar with them all. I can only share the things that I am familiar with. Most people can walk or others cannot talk. Depending on which part of the brain that got damaged at birth. There are some people that have Cerebral Palsy, can be more noticeable than others there are even some people that have it, and nobody can tell. Unfortunately, having CP is a lifelong Conditions, but people who have it are expected to live a long and Healthy Life.


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