Is it hard to find Work?

Is it hard for me to find Work?  Getting a job is hard for everyone.  Imagine someone  that has Cp, it is very difficult because we need so much help. Just like anything in life nothing is impossible. I never thought I would have a Job!  Thanks to my Grandpa, was like you need to do something with your life. I work Monday though Friday, at a place called Quest, I work there with people living with all kinds of conditions. What  I do is separate clean towels from the dirty ones. Is it my dream job no, but at least I can get paid for what I can do. It is very little, but it is something to do. I went through a very dark experience, I am just glad to get out and do something.  I have found that being around people who have CP or people just in Wheelchairs łike mysef helps me out in a big way.  This is the reason for this site too.  This Site is my Dream!


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