Is it hard to make Friends?

Is it hard to make friends?  The simple answer for me is Yes.   In my experience it is hard, because there are some people  who just feel bad for people like us, so  they might trick us by saying yes I’m your friend and they just feel sorry for you.  People like that will come and go.  My advice is to know who has your back, and who does not. Do not try to become someone you’re  just because you want friends those kinds of people do not want to see succeed in life.  I have been very lucky to have some amazing people in my Life and these  are the people that truly care about me, and they push me to not to give up on my Dreams.  They are my family too. I have friends who are my age and the majority are older than me. By knowing who you are it is easier make friends that will last a lifetime!  So that  is my advice on friends. Family can also come into this category. Family are supposed to be there for eachother too.


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