Can you find Love living with CP?

Can you find love? I get this question all the time, and the answer is yes, why not? This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about.  People ask me this all the time.  People think that just because I maybe be in a wheelchair, automatically think that because I’m In a wheelchair, that means that I am not cannot fall in love with someone, they cannot be more wrong.  In fact I do have someone very special in my Life and his name is Jeremy!  I thank God for him every day!  Sometimes, people  think  they have the right to ask me personal questions and I think you guys know what I mean.   I would never ask another person, because I respect their privacy and I hope that they would respect mine.  Unfortunately, I realize how that people are going ask.  Talking about bout issues that are important. Just like everyone, I have been broken hearted time and time again.  Just like everyone else I thought I would never find love.  I have been broken hearted more then I have been in love. Until recently when I found out what true love is.  We all go though this rather we have a condition or not.  It is what makes us stronger, when we find that one person we just know.  True love is worth wanting for, it’s not all about the physical part, when we fall in love we get confused by the physical part, so sometimes, we can make a few mistakes which makes us human. Sex is one thing that will never never talk about sorry.


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